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Lead associate photographer

Jennefer Wilson

Jennefer is a natural strategist. She painlessly makes potential obstacles disappear with an intuitive knack for understanding what needs to happen to get the job done. Passionate about people, Jennefer uses relationships with her clients as a catalyst for her work. She treasures telling the tales of their journey through her lens. She shares her joyful personality (and her awesome ‘that’s what she said’ jokes) with couples and family members alike on a wedding day. 

as seen in:

  • Effortless yet impactful photographs, allowing you to be fully present, assured that the essence of your day is being preserved. 

  • Heartfelt images brimming with the intimate, vibrant spirit of your day, crafted with a unique blend of honesty, compassion, and intuitive artistry.

  • Timeless portraits that echo the depth of your stories, so you can relive every cherished moment of your event.

Because for you, it's not about the quantity of memories captured, but about securing the ones that truly resonate.


Weddings by Jennefer wilson

Crisp autumn air, confetti bursts, and rustic charm under Buffalo skies

Harvest hues, Western ‘I dos,’ and Amarillo starlight

A Fort Worth fairytale with a floral grand entrance

Black-and-white film captures timeless grace among Dallas blooms


"Jennefer is a dream to work with."

"My husband and I took engagement photos outside in 100F+ weather, somehow we had a blast with her, and the pictures came out amazing (we didn’t look sweaty at all - I’m not sure what sorcery she used to make that happen, but I am here. for. it.). As for our wedding photos, they are incredible, and we had an incredible experience with Jennefer. The effort she makes to get to know her clients shows in the photos; she knows the emotions they want captured. If you're lucky enough to hire Jennefer Wilson as a photographer, you’re probably going to end up with a lifelong friend."

- kayla + victor


"We would hire her over and over again."

"Wow! Cannot put into words how much we love Jennefer. She was supportive and put us at ease through the whole process. We would hire her over and over again. I felt like my friend was photographing me not someone I hired."

- jacquelyn + nathan


"She’s so talented and has a genuine heart for her clients and making their dreams come true."

"Jennefer is the BEST. She’s so talented and has a genuine heart for her clients and making their dreams come true. Since our wedding she’s done maternity, newborn and family pictures for us and I cherish each and every one. Not only that, but she’s turned into one of my sweet friends! 10/10 recommend her - you won’t be disappointed!"

- beau + si


The Jenn experience


Happiness, joy, and laughter thrive with Jenn behind the lens.


Jenn ensures that your unique story is captured with depth and authenticity.


Her strategic approach anticipates moments that align with your unique vision.

Driven by a foundational need to care for her clients, Jennefer is known for her kindness and compassion.

With fifteen years of experience in wedding photography, Jennefer combines her natural strategic prowess with an intuitive sense of how to effortlessly navigate and resolve any potential challenges. Her deep understanding of the workflow ensures everything goes smoothly, making her an exceptional photographer.

Jennefer's passion for people fuels her creative process, allowing her relationships with clients to inspire her photography. She captures the unique stories of their lives through her lens, all while sharing a serene presence and sense of humor to lighten the mood for couples and their families on their special day.


We bring to the table—

Attention to detail

Because it's the little things that count.

Comprehensive coverage

From the first laugh to the last dance, we've got it all covered.

diverse perspectives

Whatever your vibe, we have a team member to match.

strategic planning

So you actually get to enjoy your wedding—not spend the whole day taking photos.

What could feel awkward actually is just  PURE FUN with Jennefer, and somehow she makes you feel and look like a ROCKSTAR in every shot!

- carmelle + bradley

past couple

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