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Instead, we believe in providing a balanced experience. One that toggles between guiding you and capturing incredible images while at the same time understanding why we are all really here on this day. Because yes, photographs are important, but a good time at your own wedding is something you should be able to count on.

our philosophy:

Fine art doesn't have to mean fussy, and editorial doesn't have to mean effort. 

Named top 50 wedding photographers worldwide

We are driven

by the belief that what we do matters.

Preserving people's memories, important moments, and lives is bigger than us. We believe it is paramount to create timeless reminders of what it means to be human.

Each of us works independently, yet our vision and approach are cohesive—ensuring your memories are captured in our signature style.

as seen in:

Charla and her team make you look how you feel—in love, beautiful, comfortable, and happy.

Portraits that feel as effortless as they look breathtaking, encapsulating the joy and love shared with your guests.

Photographs that echo the intimacy and emotion of your celebration, each frame a testament to the heart and soul of your day.

Timeless memories captured without missing a beat of the experience, ensuring that you're living in the moment, not just posing for it.

Embrace the luxury of having it all, tailored just for you.

I know I can count on Charla & her team.

Photographers are the most important vendor in my opinion – they can make or break an event. I’m known for my color palettes as a designer and the entire look of the wedding falls apart if the photographer doesn’t understand color. I choose to work with Charla or her team every time I can because I can count on them, I know the colors will be correct, that my clients will love their personalities, and that the photos will be high-quality and publishable. The CSP team knows what they're doing and they do it beautifully.


Shall we begin?

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