From Paris to Los Angeles to New York City and Charleston, many of my couples share my love of adventure and bring me along to the locations they hold so dear. But even if I’m photographing a wedding close to home in Dallas, the destination is just one component of your big day. The full story unfolds with the little things you go out of your way to incorporate to make your wedding special, all of the people you gather to celebrate the momentous occasion, and the happiness that fills the air. It’s the look on your faces as you walk back up the aisle, hand-in-hand, with wedding rings on your fingers. I love capturing those details and moments.


“I’ve been photographing people for over 15 years and following couples all over the world.”

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Because after all, the only thing you leave your wedding with other than a new significant other is the memories—and photographs are the physical manifestation of those moments and details that you’ll want to relive over and over again.

I have a profound love for helping people see their value, allowing them to feel beautiful and capable. Both in educating fellow photographers and in photographing clients, this gift has transformed me as an artist. I believe I have a huge responsibility to do my job with excellence because the moments I am entrusted with are legacies that live long past the minutes I am with my clients.


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