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Charla Storey


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We are driven by the belief that what we do matters.

Preserving people's memories, important moments, and lives is bigger than us. We believe it's paramount to create timeless reminders of what it means to be human.

Our team specializes in elevated wedding and fashion photography worldwide. Embracing color and depth, we create images that are as artful as they are engaging. Guiding our clients, we provide direction and the confidence to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Our team captures our subjects as they naturally are—not overly posed mannequins.

Charla Storey

Charla's talent extends far beyond the camera. Her true gift is the ability to connect with and understand her subjects. She uses this superpower to anticipate the moments they will want to preserve and creates natural opportunities for them to unfold. Charla has turned this skill into an art by utilizing a relaxed and intuitive style to produce photographs that will still look damn good 50 years down the road. 

Charla learned her craft while working at a children’s photography studio. Continually promoted every six months, she rose through the ranks to be in charge of quality and training company-wide. By the end of her seven years there, Charla had (literally) written the book on both. This experience gave her the foundational knowledge and passion to start her own business as a wedding photographer (plus, the ability to wrangle even the most difficult subjects). 

Now, Charla travels the world photographing couples, pulling inspiration from each new destination, culture, flavor, and person she encounters. This adventurous spirit and drive propel Charla in all aspects of life - not everyone can make it to the 2nd round of America Ninja Warrior tryouts, and she did it twice!

A bona fide team player, she’s never afraid to roll up her sleeves and jump in wherever needed. Between her time spent jet-setting and her two Boxer pups at home, she can handle anything.

With over a decade of experience, Charla’s talent isn’t a secret. She’s been voted Best Photographer by some of the fiercest critics: her mother and sister. BRIDES and Martha Stewart Weddings also happen to agree.

owner + lead photographer

Adopting the mentality of a “witty warrior,” Charla brings the perfect combination of enthusiasm and tenacity to any situation.

Jennefer Wilson

As a professional wedding photographer for over a decade and Charla’s business partner-in-crime, Jennefer is a natural strategist. She painlessly makes potential obstacles disappear with an intuitive knack for understanding what needs to be done to get the job done. Passionate about people, Jennefer uses relationships with her clients as a catalyst for her work. She treasures telling the tales of their journey through her lens.

Associate Lead photographer

Driven by a foundational need to care for her clients, Jennefer is known for her kindness and compassion.

She shares her sense of calm (and her awesome ‘that’s what she said’ jokes) with couples and family members alike on a wedding day. Thank goodness her Graphic Design degree had Photography as a required course!

A true Jill-of-all-trades, Jennefer filled a void in the photography industry by creating a post-production editing tool for photographers to emulate the look of film, delivering true-to-life colors and ease of editing. Paying her good fortune forward, Jennefer mentors photographers of all experience levels, guiding them to find professional success and personal joy in their work.

When not capturing memories behind her camera, Jennefer loves to sing, is an excellent cook, and has a "healthy" obsession with ice cream. She lives in Dallas with her husband, young daughter, and three fluffy dogs.

Alison Heffington

Believing in the timelessness of photography, Alison focuses on the small details, preserving them forever with her camera. Her artistry, combined with technical expertise and organizational skills, ensures she captures the energy and emotion of each moment while also managing the timeline.

Associate lead photographer

Alison's calm approach guarantees a steady hand and warm smile at every wedding.

A Journalism and Public Relations graduate of Baylor University, Alison's work is inspired by her documentarian roots. She treasures the ability to peek into the past and experience memories through photographs, offering the same opportunity for the couples she works with. 

Alison approaches the wedding day with intentionality and attention to detail. Seamlessly blending her story-driven, documentary approach with an elevated, editorial touch, Alison creates images that are truly distinctive to each client she works with.

When not shooting weddings for Charla Storey, this Enneagram 1 and travel-loving homebody loves listening to Taylor Swift and murder podcasts, or spending time with her husband and two dogs. Her love of books, design, and crafting keeps her hands busy when they aren’t holding a camera.








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