Charla Storey


Charla Storey


What people are saying

"Charla has an editorial vision."

From a professional perspective, this is a vision I deeply admire - a penchant for capturing movement and color and the warmest, friendliest approach. She was our first and last choice for a wedding photographer (it was a true no-brainer!). Ultimately, Charla's magic is simple: She makes you look how you feel in love, beautiful, comfortable, and happy. Expect vibrantly rich images flickered with golden light and plenty of candid, mid-laugh moments preserved in time. With Charla behind the camera, that joy comes easy.

—Sarah Schreiber, Martha stewart Weddings

"I know I can count on Charla."

Photographers are the most important vendor in my opinion – they can make or break an event. I’m known for my color palettes as a designer and the entire look of the wedding falls apart if the photographer doesn’t understand color. I choose to work with Charla every time I can because I can count on her, I know the colors will be correct, that my clients will love her personality, and that her photos will be high-quality and publishable. She doesn’t hesitate to jump in and help wherever she can, and I don’t have to breathe down her neck to make sure she gets the shots I want – she knows what she’s doing and does it beautifully.

"Jennefer is a dream to work with."

My husband and I took engagement photos outside in 100F+ weather, somehow we had a blast with her, and the pictures came out amazing (we didn’t look sweaty at all - I’m not sure what sorcery she used to make that happen, but I am here. for. it.). As for our wedding photos, they are incredible, and we had an incredible experience with Jennefer. The effort she makes to get to know her clients shows in the photos; she knows the emotions they want captured. If you're lucky enough to hire Jennefer Wilson as a photographer, you’re probably going to end up with a lifelong friend.

—Kayla + Victor

"By far our favorite vendor from the entire day."

Alison was fantastic. Not only was she a joy to work with—seriously, one of the nicest people—but she is incredibly talented. By far our favorite vendor from the entire day.

—Bri + Preston

"Charla is easygoing and fun."

I wanted a photographer who listened to my input – and someone who was easygoing and fun who would deliver our photos in a timely fashion. On the day of our wedding, everyone loved her – she was efficient, and made everyone feel comfortable. Charla literally got on the shoulders of the second photographer to get the perfect angle for a shot – she’s totally committed to her craft.

—Leighton + Greg

"Charla has a genuine heart."

Charla is not only an incredibly talented photographer, but she has a genuine heart for who her clients are personally. Intentional about learning the dynamics of our family, she understood which shots were most important to us. Everything on our wedding day flowed – even my hard-to-impress grandfather raved about how efficient she was! Charla’s not just our wedding photographer, she’s our life photographer – and friend.

—Gina + Ryan

"We trusted Charla completely."

Charla made us feel at ease throughout our intimate wedding in Tulum, Mexico. She got to know us as a couple, we relaxed and enjoyed every moment because we trusted Charla completely. Her images are beautiful and capture the energy of the moment.

—Kaylee + Ryan




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