Sure I'm passionate about photography, I've been doing it for over 15 years and I'm still captivated. I have a love for documenting peoples stories and helping people. They go hand in hand. 

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Come shoot along with me on location at a detailed editorial. Perfect opportunity to elevate your portfolio and instagram content. 

I love to be lush in floral, shoot in inspiring locations and create content brides can relate to.  

styled shootouts

Join me for a 3 day retreat style workshop for Photographers, Planner, and florists focused on Finding Your Tribe, and how to take elevate your work to the next level!

December 2-5 2019
Charleston, SC

The elevate series

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Continued development in an intimate setting is when you learn the most and see the biggest impact on your business and on yourself. Having a mentor and an accountability partner is a game charger and is one of the reasons why one on one mentorships are my favorite. 


We are two wedding photographers and photography educators who LOVE movies and television. Honestly though, we just needed something fun to do that was just for US. Who doesn't love a little me time, right?! Join us as we dive into the best weddings Hollywood has to offer us. From aesthetics, to heartbreak and best friend drama, we have SO much fun reliving these crazy and beautiful weddings. With over 500 weddings photographed between the two of us, a shared love for desserts and true crime, you can expect to laugh and cry when you hang with our crazy selves. I mean…we do! 

The Wedding crashers podcast

I love to teach and I love photography. I love when people I teach have "a ha moments”. Like maybe their life just changed and I got to help in their journey. Maybe, it's because everything ties into investing in people. Investing in both how they view themselves, how they feel in photos or in business. As a regional trainer in a photography company in my past life, my favorite part of that job was teaching people and helping elevate themselves, their photography, their finances, their lives. It made me feel like I got to be apart of their success as I was apart of their story. Photography is something I am very passionate about and I love sharing everything I learned in the past 16 years with other like minded creatives.  


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