Adventures in France!

We went back to Paris this spring, it will forever be my favorite! Las time we were here we got engaged and this time we’re here as a married couple to photograph a lovely clients wedding in the South of France, which stole my heart! It’s like Italy and France had a baby, you get those Italian village feels and that amazing French food. Here are a few favorites that I took along our 2 week trip all over France. The tones, textures, smells, foods and culture were rich. We had a group of friends that end up meeting us there, then a few more later, a few more after, and then meet with a local buddy for dinner. During this dinner I found myself overwhelmed with joy. Here I was sharing a traditional French meal with friends from different cultures, walks of life from all over the world, together over wine, laughs, stories, sore feet and full hearts. I busted out into tears of happiness and Its a moment I will never forget, I added an iPhone selfie because I will always want to look back on it. So thankful for these humans and this unbelieveable trip. Oh and the awesome pics of me are by my friend Anna Lord! 🙂

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