Oasis Shootout in Vegas

Oasis Shootout in Las Vegas for WPPI!

I had a blast hosting a shootout at WPPI for Photographers who wanted to adventure to sketchy unknown areas with no phone connection to photograph gorgeous florals, flowy gowns on a dry lake bed! What can I say, I am a legit adventure junky and my career couldn’t be more perfect for feeding that part of my soul! I loved having 25 photographers join me at this whirlwind day! It was Late Feb in Vegas and I can honestly tell you I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE COLD IN ALL MY LIFE. Including being stuck in a blizzard and skiing in -10 degree weather. Although it was seriously freezing, what came from this wild weather might be the most dynamic and amazing blue clouds rolled in and helped me create some of my favorite images of the year! And this best part? I got to share this craziness with other talented creatives! I hope shootouts each QTR, if your a Photographer would love to join me for the next one just email me to get on the list! The last 3 have sold out within 24 hours! 🙂 Dream Team: Design/Floral: Janna Brown Designs, Gowns: Carol Hannah, Lab: Goodman Film Lab

I spy Danny Goodman from Goodman Film lab, Janna Brown and my pal Jon Cu! All looking COLD, haha

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